Spring Rally 29th April - Goodwood

Hi All,

If I’ve missed this information somewhere please point me in the right direction and apologies for missing it.

I’m wondering if anyone has organised any meeting points along the way to Goodwood on the 29th? I’ll be heading there from Taunton so it would be cool to catch up with and drive to Goodwood with some fellow MX5ers.

Hi Rexo, a few of the Members are travelling up on the Saturday to stay North of Goodwood. I will ask if anyone else travelling on the Sunday is able to meet up with you.

Shame there’s nobody we can drive there with, I guess there’s not that many of us in the Taunton/Minehead/Bridgwater area.

Will see how we feel on the day whether we decide to make the journey or not. Not going to be amazing weather but should remain dry it.

Hi Rexo, pm sent.