Spring rally at Elvington Saturday drives?

Hello Yorkshire Ridings, have you made any plans for a Saturday drive round your wonderful countryside…

Hi fjohnw,

I think that the Yorkshire Ridings group normally use Facebook for their communications, but you could try leaving a message via the Contact link on their site http://www.mx5yorkshire.co.uk/. If you OK with a solo run, then you could choose one from the copies of tulip maps of past runs in Tulip Maps archive link.

There are lots of good local B roads to enjoy the wonderful countryside. I suggest try driving North West of York for North Yorkshire Dales or North East for the North Yorkshire Dales and head towards Goathland (or Hearbeat’s Aidensfield with the railway station and stream trains used in Harry Potter films). There are some other suggested local B roads on in this post https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst111710_Drives-from-whitby.aspx. Please take care when driving across the moor roads, as there are lots of sheep roaming free and they don’t have any road sence. Also watch out for speed signs, as there are some unmarked vehicles with portable cameras. 

Enjoy your visit to God’s country.



Thanks George, will take a look at the links


John wheeler

I’m a member of Yorkshire Ridings and no one has told me about any runs that have been organised. It would appear that if you are not on Facebook you don’t get to know what’s going on and I refuse to be on Facebook. ??

As a Yorkshire Ridings Facebook user , I can assure you that the drives have not been released on the group page, I am sure they will be on all forms of media when they do appear.

Hi all, I can confirm that several non guided runs will be being publish shortly. I understand
they will be going North , East and West taking in some super roads, views and of course noshing places.


Morning Arran

Any ideas if the runs are about to be published?



Here they are - sorry they took so long to prepare 




If these don’t tickle your fancy try the archive section of the YR website where there are many more including a couple of treasure hunts for them that like a challenge (contact me if you need the answers)



Thanks Thiss.

Very impressive ??.  Can see an awful lot of work went into the making of these.

Thanks again.