Spring Rally Car Competitions

Car Competitions

The Competition paddock will feature at the heart of the Rally and will be a key part of the Rally.
You are now able to enter your car in any one of the following 5 Competition classes:


• Standard Car Class - Factory standard car, Mazda genuine accessories permitted.

• Light modification - Some cosmetic and light modifications to standard cars with aftermarket accessories, most members cars fit in this

• Modified - Numerous enthusiast modifications and also forced induction cars (*except standard fit)

• Ultra Modified - Radical vehicle alteration, e.g retro body kit or MX-5 kit-car conversion

• Daily driver - The most accessible category for any car that is in use regularly, subject to age and mileage (bodywork and cabin judged only).


To enter all you need to do is email the coordinator at mal.jones@mx5oc.co.uk.

Mal will send you the information you need with the Competition rules and judging manual to help you identify how the cars are scored and areas that you can identify and tackle if you feel necessary.

The cut off for entry will be Thursday 31st March to allow for the Rally team to plan plots for the day order trophies etc. After this time we will be unable to enter vehicles into the Competitions. Specific information, times and directions will be circulated to all competitors shortly before the Rally.



Hi Iain, perhaps it’s me being dim, but are you saying that the Spring Rally comps won’t be divided up with all 5 categories that you’ve listed,each applying to NA, NB, NC and (presumably) ND? - as in previous Rally comps.  Sorry if I’m overlooking the obvious.



How are you reading that? There will be 5 classes of competition.

“You are now able to enter your car in any one of the following 5 Competition classes”

Mal will send you the form and you will choose which one of the 5 Classes you want to compete in, or tell him when you email him

ND participation will be discussed at the weekend

Ah Ok - so no separate distinctions made for NA/NB and NC - all Mks free to enter any of the five categories. That was the bit i wasn’t clear on.



The competitions format is unchanged - it is all explained in the competitions hand book in the download section or that will be sent out when you register.

You can and will only compete against cars in the same mark. Just choose your class that you wish to enter and the class is divided into appropriate marks. 

To be implicit Mk1s will only compete against mk1s in a particular class, mk2s against mk2s, mk3s against mk3 and so on.
Cars in each class do not compete against cars in another class.


I tried to email the email address provided and it’s saying email address is invalid