Spring Rally Competitions


Due to limited space this years Spring Rally Competitions will require pre-registration. Members wishing to enter need to email me at peter.jakeways@mx5oc.co.uk

There are two category’s Best Kept and Cool 5 (Modified).

These are divided into Mk.1, Mk.2 and Mk.3 with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for each.

The competition area is within the castle grounds. Upon arriving at the castle you will be directed by the marshalls to the appropriate area.

Competitors need to arrive between 09:00 and 10:00 on the Sunday morning.


Once onsite, there will be no vehicle movement between 10:00 and 15:00.

Judging will start from 10:00 for those cars that are ready.

Prize giving will be at 14:30 outside the MX-5 Owners Club marquee.


Is this within the spirit of the rules?

They must have changed Geoff as it is clearly stated in the above post, will try and get clarification from a NC Member.

In April STHT it states STANDARD competition for spotless cars all about cleanliness.

Has this now changed? Members put a lot of effort in to get cars up to competition standard and it’s not very good if it all changes three weeks before the event.

Has this also changed? Please clarify what as this is very confusing from page 12 of STHT.

cars arriving on trailers isn’t really in the spirit of things! but that’s just my view!

Trailers say to me, lets go win another couple of bits of tin this weekend dear. Unfortunately the show and shine competitions have always been a problem in the OC, and I see it getting worse if trailers are allowed. Is someone now going to start counting the number of fasteners holding in the wheel arch protectors, and if they have been replaced [lose a point] or original etc etc etc. I would hate to see our club go this route

Just to correct a couple of issues.

The standard/best kept is the same competition with the same rules, it’s merely a name change. “Best Kept” should have been in STHT, but was missed.

The trailor issue was a mistake on my part, trailors are only aloud for the concour competition at the National Rally.

Sorry for the confusion


Also need add to your amendments that competiton cars need to be in and parked by 0930.

Entrance will be possible from 0830 as you previously pointed out.

We can’t move cars into the competiton parking area after 0930 - the site will be being cleared in preparation for 1000 Gates opening,  all inbound traffic to the castle will be halted at 0930 to permit outbound flow. Unfortunately any registered competiton cars arriving after 0930 will have to wait until the gates open at 1000 and will be parked in the Member parking area and not within the competition area, so effectively not able to compete.

As has been pointed out by others previously the movement of cars on this site is heavily restricted - any cars moving, without permission may be asked to leave by the venue owners, just so that people are aware.

Competiton cars - please be on site before 0930