Spring Rally, did you buy a hood and not get all the bits ?

 During the recent Spring Rally, someone purchased a new vinyl hood from one of the traders who was present, but went away without taking the fittings that are part of the kit.  The trader is anxious to send these fittings on, but has no record of the purchaser’s name or address.  If any member recognises themselves, please e-mail membership at mx5oc.co.uk and Mattie Whyman will be pleased to provide the necessary links.

Is that email address working Martin?

I know a lady who was parked next to KevW (NEM co-ordinator) bought one for a MK2. He knew her so perhaps could shed some light. Other than that I know no more, sorry.


 membership at mx5oc.co.uk is working, I have checked it out…  [Y]

 What are you missing?

Hoods usually only come with the hood and nothing else, apart from a few rivets (not worth worrying about!) unless it’sa Mk2 hood to fit on a Mk1, then you need the strap kit. If you get no joy I can maybe help …ps it was n’t me!!

 All sorted, so I am informed, with missing bits now having found their way to the proper person.

Thanks follks.