Spring Rally Dinner

Have just heard all tickets have gone. Is this right?

We have a group holidaying for a week and all hoped to be at the dinner.




have you checked the website 

 Hi, Andrew, yes I did try to book through the website and it show supply of tickets has been “exhausted”.

 the only other thing i can think of is if they have not put all tickets online,and have kept some for postal applications,so i would apply sharpish.Good luck,might see you there.

At the moment this is correct


Our original booking requirement has been reached.

We do have an extended booking option that will add circa 40 more dinner places utilising an adjoining room to the Ballroom where the dinner is to be held.

The Hotel will confirm this just as soon as possible the exact number of additional seats available for this extended booking,  unfortunately however the business manager responsible has been unwell this week and not been able to be reached, an update on the tickets is expected on Monday 4th February.

The current situation applies to both our web and postal applications. The hotel have also reached their accommodation/meal deal allocation.

As far as I am aware from a conversation with the Hotel, they have said they are also close to capacity that weekend.

Please watch this space an update will be posted here and in other Spring Rally infromation just as soon as possible, Many thanks. 

The Hotel have not confirmed release of these bookings today. we cannot proceed with release until we have this confirmation.

The hotel have confirmed there are 22 dinner tickets left for the Spring Rally Dinner

The tickets will go on sale tonight 5th February at approximately 8pm.


The Spring Rally Dinner is Sold Out

Both on and offline ticket applications are now closed.

A small reserve list will be held until 3 weeks prior to the dinner when the menu is confirmed.

Can you suggest alternative venues for groups to dine? North Thames have a group of about 16 people going. 




The Central Scotland Area have used the Port na Craig a few times and really enjoyed it. You would have to book it.


Yes I would also recommend the Port Na Craig. We were at the Winter Words festival in Pitlochry last weekend and as usual had an evening meal there and it was up to their usual high standard. They also have a few bedrooms that they do not advertise but if you cannot find accommodation they could also help there as well.


There are a huge range of dining establishements in the vicinity, not all are listed in this particular breakdown (others are available through a range of internet search engines) it does highlight a large number of options, many only within a few hundred meters of the Fishers Hotel, for any split parties that may wish to join up again post dinner.


 Hi All

We have also booked into the Fishers Hotel about 4 weeks ago at the MX5 rate of £65 Bed breakfast and evening meal per person per night but were told that the MX5 dinner was sold out. I phoned Roger to inform him and he said that we may be able to join in the MX5 festivities after the meal. He was going to discuss this at an MX5 meeting being held the next day I believe in Ipswich (or there abouts). Ive no confirmation of a yes or no or if a secondary event is being organised for those of us not able to get tickets for the dinner.  See you all in Scotland.

Bob and Jane 

 Hi Bob and Jane

Were in the same position as you, booked the rooms in Fishers months ago but were too slow to respond when the dinner tickets became available. As far as I understand it (especially if you’re staying in Fishers hotel) you are free to attend the evening function after the meal. We intend to have dinner somewhere else and then go to the dance later.

Hope this helps.



what’s this MX5 rate of £65.00 ? how do you get this ? I’ve booked a while ago direct with the hotel…thanks for any information…

Hi Nick

The details of the offer were on the event booking form in the last copy of Soft Top Hardtop. The are are no rooms left at the hotel now for the Saturday night, but likely that if you said at the time of booking that you were coming for the event that you would have gone onto the rate for that Saturday. I can only suggest ring and check.

This will not apply if you booked the hotel with a 3rd party system such as booking.com or hotels.com or any other system like that. 



thanks for the reply, however panic over - I’ve re-read your post and notice it was £65 per person per night! I thought it was for the room… :slight_smile:


think I booked at a higher rate

Just a quick note to say a handful more tickets have been freed up through the Hotel reservations team 

Tickets are online from tonight