Spring rally drives

Did you follow the driving routes this weekend? 

Enjoyable? Oil can cafe, holmfirth, Holme moss, Chatsworth, Castleton. What was your verdict ?


Five cars from the SWM area went to the start point, expecting to be greeted  but no one was their, so we tried to follow the route we downloaded from the site, but after getting lost 3 times we gave up and just used our Sat Naves


But I do think that the routes could of been better planed out that was my only sad point about the whole weekend, Sunday was great.



We did the first route posted to Derwent water and Chatsworth, lovely roads and great views.

I did translate the route to my Garmin which worked well, I do think it would have helped to have had the routes posted much earlier. I am normally quite organised so it was not a major problem but a lot of people did not have the same opinion.

Wish I could have done more of them so next time we are up that way we will give them a go, thanks for all the hard work 

Honest comment - the instructions were not easy to follow - navigating via compass bearings and altitude changes :slight_smile:

We found our way to the Mustard Pot and followed the route via the Fairholme Visitor centre, we skipped Bakewell and went on to Chatsworth - some great roads.

We ended up at Matlock Bath - not on the route, but a good place to spend the afternoon.



The written routes were hard to follow but they were converted (not by me) to maps and the links to google maps posted on the relevant thread. I didn’t do any of the routes as I’ve done those roads many times in the past living in Yorkshire, but the google map links were correct to the written routes or as near as damit.

If folk gave the routes a miss then you missed some great roads and places to visit.