SPRING RALLY Forum id 'plates'

Hi Guys,

In anticipation of a great (and my first) Spring Rally, could I humbly make a suggestion please?

Do you think it might be a good idea for forum members to have a name badge (carrying their forum name) in the corner of their windscreen or covering their front no plate; after chatting to various people on here it would be great to be able to identify who is who. I know some people won’t want to, whether it be for security or just they would rather not but if there was a blank master copy on here that we could download with a gap for us to put in our forum id then it would all look nice and smart and professional.

Just a suggestion guys, looking forward to meeting you all in May.


P.S. realising you are all very busy I will happily take on the task and email a prototype to whoever is running the event for the ok before putting it onto here?

Like I say, I realise you’ll all be very busy organising.

 Not a bad shout…

I was at last years rally & spotted many familiar cars but couldn`t remember who owned them all so you go away not introducing yourself to as many as you would like.

Maybe the OC should supply us all with [;)]



I’m kind of hoping that come May we won’t be needing woolly hats!!!

But your dead right, it would be a shame not to be able to say hello to people you’ve been chin-wagging with on here, just because you can’t work out who’s who.

I was thinking something like a card that could sit under the passenger sun visor so that it’s visible to all without getting in the way, I’ll gladly knock them up at work (don’t tell work I said that!!!)

 Good idea, again!  [;)]

Lots of us already have name plate things to stick in the windscreen and use them at rallies.  I’m pretty sure someone did another blank template for forum members to use last year but I can’t find it now…

So if someone can design something appropriate, (or find the old one) that we can then add to the download section on here, that any forum member can add their name, print it out and off we go… [Y]

We have also had a dedicated forum user parking area before as well, and I think that may a proposal for the Spring Rally this year…


I won’t be doing this - someone might hit me for being out-spoken…!!! [;)]

You’l be fine Goof.

I seem to remember that Johnny Boy did these for us about 5 years ago


 Ive been doing this for ages

A simple printout in word Etc and get it laminated

works a treat

Can be seen On dash between wiper arms

And looks like this up close

 A4 in in panoramic


 Geoff - Was it really five years ago!!! [:)]

From the properties on the file

Friday, August 19, 2005, 10:03:58 AM

The earliest one I have is this one dated 28/06/2003


 They were done for the Goodwood National Rally originally… which was 2005…


Mick is happy with the plan and design so I will go into production at work next week!

I would love to put a copy of the template on here so that you good folk can lift it yourselves, needless to say I can’t figure out how to copy a word doc. into here!!!

I’ll be armed with plenty (and a marker pen to insert forum names) come the Spring Rally, just look for a tatty red Mk1 covered in them!!!



Geoff (thank you Geoff) has kindly done the whizz-thing with this so that you chaps can download your own if you want to add your name and print your own in advance. Otherwise a marker pen and copies will be under my windscreen wiper on the Sunday!


Thanks again Geoff.


Hi Jon,

I’ve download that, but it was a bit awkward to edit and type in my forum name. What I’ve done, and I hope you don’t mind, it to host a revised file here.


If other users download this file they can then easily change my username of “Smiffy” to their own name.

(I think I had trouble beacuse the text box is actually one of the background items so can’t be clicked on.)

Regards, Smiffy

I’m guessing I might not need one for my car


I have these on the car all the time anyway

Thanks Geoff, Jon & Smiffy,

I’ve managed to edit Smiffys copy to use my name and by reducing the font size to 66% I’ve got it to include the words “Spring Rally 2009”

The only thing I cant do is post a link to show you what it looks like, anyway it’ll be on the car at the spring Rally [:D]



Well I’m easy to spot, I’m the one trying to sell you a tartan scarf on the merchandising stand so pop by and buy [;)]


 Change that to “15 20 baseball cap” and Youve got 2 sales right here!



I have put two aside for you. [;)]