Spring rally oulton park

who was the official photographer at spring rally oulton park? Is there a web site?

Looks like the entry photos are here, if that’s what you’re looking for:

Clicky here

My entry photo printed onto a mug arrived this morning. Excellent job, and somehow it makes the coffee taste better…

Wow, is it just my distrusting nature or is this a rich source of car details, make , model, colour, and reg no for a dishonest individual. Just needs names and addresses to be complete.

I’m expecting mine any day soon. Did you have one large wrapped image? Or 2 front and back? I chose a single large wrapped and wondering what the finished article looks like.

Anyone can obtain that info simply by looking out the window at traffic. Conspiracy theory gone mad!

Yes, paranoia can be worrying 

One large wrapped pic, and no captions. 

A lot of the background is cropped out such that the car is nicely centred, and correctly aligned.  I noticed that some of the pics for other cars had the camera tilted.

The mug arrived packed in a tight fitting polystyrene block, guaranteed to survive the Post.


It just arrived. It really is a good picture, wraps all the way around with very good detail. Superb!

Recieved my 10x8 mounted pic on wed very pleased ,realy good quality and very prompt service

Would have ordered one for mine - but for the young lad on a bike cycling past - directly behind the car as the pic was taken!


I m in the same boat as you. The lad on the bike was joined by what looks like the rest of his family-a further 6 or 7 people. Couldn’t be helped but they did spoil what could have been a nice snap. I was the third car after yours. Needless to say I won’t be ordering a copy.(photo no. 180)

well…when face recognition  software becomes the norm…

Contact the photographer. Stuff like that can be removed pretty easily with editing software, the latest phones even have the capability.




The camera never lies…!


But PhotoShop is a dirty little fibber…



(Quick and dirty. But that took three minutes, with a bit more work using the hi-res version, it could be seamless)