Spring Rally Pics

Jess on arrival “well what are we waiting for” Dog


Competition cars


Pipers piping


Sunny end to a most enjoyable afternoon - just time for a ‘doggy nap’ before we leave Dog




Nice pictures, nice car (I like Marmite), gorgeous Jess. Looks like she has got over the trauma of that collar that you had the indecency to photograph her with. Did she get to meet up with Sam?


Hi, are you referring to her ‘footwell belt’ - just stops her leaping out when the passenger door is opened when it’s not safe to do so. She still gets to sit on Bev’s knee sometimes when we’re moving to get that proper open top ‘wind in her ears’ feel Smile.  We didn’t see Sam on Rally day.


Jess has had plenty to Smile  about this holiday (see other pics in other posts too).  Yesterday we had a fantastic open top run through Glen Shee and found the sunshine at Braemar where we had a loooonnnngggg trek up through the forest trails - where Jess had a great time (we are still recovering).


First to the top … again!


Then on the way back down we met these guys who wandered across our path Big Smile


And this Guy… who decided we were on his path Shock - resulting in Jess back on her lead and a wee detour

Continuing to have a great time in Scotland Clapping hands in the air

Looks a very sensible idea to keep everybody safe. I was actually refering to the big white lampshade that you pictured her wearing a couple of months back when the poor thing had to see the vet.

‘First to the top’ picture is great. Should have been captioned “All right, Mr.
De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup”


Lovely pics,weather looked half decent too