Spring Rally Runs - TomTom Itinery Files

 Hi all, I was wondering how useful you found my TomTom Itinery files?  Were they accurate?  Would you use them again?  Any feedback would be welcome - I spent a long time creating them and it would be interesting to see if they helped or hindered your drives.



Hi, I dowloaded them and installed them on our Tom-Tom before we came away.  I hadn’t used .itn files before, but once I’d played about a bit found them really useful. We’ve used them on each of the runs, and will do for the Lizard run either tomorrow or thursday (watching the forecast for a cloudless day :o).

It took a bit of further playing around when we missed out a couple of the optional sections and kept getting the ‘turn around when posssible’ message. But once again, a bit of playing around and we were sorted and back on track.

So yes, we found them useful and thank you for the time you must have put in to creating them.  It will be interesting to hear if others have used them. Maybe a brief ‘how to’ would help members load them in and use them if unfamiliar.


Regards, Ray