Spring Rally Website

After receiving my copy of Total MX~5 today I notice (or have been reminded) that there is a Spring Rally website at http://www.springrally.co.uk I apologise if I’ve missed something but surely a link to that site from this forum would be useful…

Hi Robbie

There’s a link in the Spring Rally section on the front page of this web site…although it’s well hidden !

Hope this helps.

And none of the links appear to work…


Appreciate the comment, it’s unfortunate that you reference the last Total MX-5 when it has been in the past 3 Soft Top Hardtops!!
This event has also been used as a marker to see what traffic is really on this forum, which sadly has not been a great deal, I’ll be updating this in line with the Magazine coming out this weekend.

Not sure what links don’t work? There are only 2 pages turned off at the moment while traders are being booked and Mazda confirm their attendance. but if you can highlight them I can look into it.

The link is

Sorry about the Total MX~5 reference, it was the car control event mentioned in there that drew my attention to visiting the Spring Rally website, I didn’t recall seeing that in Soft Top Hardtop.

And weirdly, the link in my first post doesn’t work, I’ve checked and double checked the spelling, am I missing something?


Added http to the URL, shouldn’t make a difference, however…

The site currently says that entry for non-members is standard Goodwood entry fee - there isn’t one, so will it be a case of parking up in a car park and just wandering around like with other non-ticketed events?