Spring Rally Wentworth Woodhouse - VIDEO

Just a little video of our route from the Holiday Inn Doncaster, and our arrival at Wentworth Woodhouse.

As you’ll see, we don’t hang about when there’s a Rally to attend!  



Nice video, same route we took as we were just down the road at the Premier Inn Barnsley 

Glad you liked it.  I checked the you tube link 5 mins after posting and I’ve had my first  dislike. Now I know it’s a not an epic blockbuster, but, nice roads, lots of MX5s and a stunning rally venue - what’s not to like?    


Correct what’s not to like, no taste some people 



Don’t worry Ray, I just gave you a ‘thumbs up’, first time I’ve ever done it on you-tube. 

Apologies for walking across your view as you parked up.
It had my other half and her daughter in tears.
They said it’s the fastest they’d seen me move in years.


Hi Nick, no apology required - I’m just delighted I’ve identified the star of the show ?? … Ray

Great video Ray - keep em coming!!