Spring Rally

Back in Bristol after a brilliant weekend. Thanks to all those involed in making it a sucess. Nice to meet new people, hope I didn’t frighten to many of you & hope to meet more of you soon.


Thanks  again to all the organisers &  Marshalls




Ditto the praise for the organisers,

Got back to Swindon at 21:30 last night so now just have to drop my Dad back to Northanmpton this evening after work. I will have to sit down and sort out my fuel spend, milage, mpg tomorrow.

Big thanks to the organisers and all who helped put this rather splendid shindig together Rose

Still can’t believe i STILL haven’t met Liz



Sorry,I did come over to your gazeebo but missed youSad
Not sure I can do Prescott yet, but definately doing Blyton Bash, are you going.

Never know if your runs come close I may try & gate crash them if I’m free Smile

 What a great day on Sunday, Meet lots of people to.


I Agree Nice to meet you & Val & thanks for the company on the drive down, hope you’re both comfy at home again.

 spotted loads of 5’s, is yours here.

 It was nice to have the company of both you and LOLA

 A lot of interest in Barry’s and Wendy’s Mk 3’s. Well done both, see you at Prescott

 I see LOLA, first picture, yellow in 3rd row Smile

Big Smile 

Mine is :slight_smile: 5th row back. Yellow :slight_smile: Modelling his new Eric show plates. That’s my boy :slight_smile:



Well spotted Al. can you see Liz with a burger in her hand, opps sorry Liz.

 Just thought I would share this one as well


Thanks Mal, no chance of me going about incognito & unrecognised now Stick Tongue Out  catch up with you soonWink

Believe me, she’s worth meeting! Should I infer that meeting me was second best? (Not fishing for compliments, or anything.)

EmbarassedEmbarassed Is paying compliments payment for posting the picture twiceStick Tongue Out (Of course it was good meeting you)

It’s ok,   I think we have the same sense of humour so you’re safe,Wink


of course meeting bruce was good Thumbs up

still meeting rally-goers as people have stayed down for holidays and it’s been great seeing people
last couple of cars were eastern regioners - inc. the ‘ouch’ on a certain metro grey that tangled(innocently) with a red wagon who took a junction too quickly