Spruce up rocker cover

My 2001 california is in excellent condition but the rocker cover is a bit lacklustre.
I’m wanting to keep the car as original as possible so wondered if there was a way to spruce it up a bit without painting it?


They buff up nicely with a bit of rubbing. Probably a buffing wheel, take it off for better access.

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Yes, they do come up nice! I ended up getting the plenum and the supercharger outlet done too, all by a metal finishing company :+1:
I don’t like anything too shiny :rofl:


That looks good.
I’ve got all the polishing gear in my garage, but I was looking for a cleaner finish similar to factory…

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I wondered the same so shall be interested in everyone’s thoughts.
One idea might be dry ice blasting. This seems to be gaining popularity.
Ratarossa used the technique on his BBi engine and the results were pretty good.



I was in a similar position to the OP, and took the route of removing the cover and painting it with a silver metal paint. It looks OEM but also much more uniform and consistent in its appearance. been done 4 years now and still looks fine.

I contemplated polishing it but having done this on a previous Westfield i had, I know what a sod of a job it is - 20+ hours of hand polishing, and the recessed plug holes create difficult areas to access. Plus you need to re polish periodically. It does however look great.

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