St Joseph's Tea Rooms - Pie Night - Friday 11th March 2022

Strawberry Pavlova for me please. :blush: Thanks Sharon


1 x pavlova and 1 x crmble.

Many thanks

John and Michele

We both would like Strawberry Pavlova please.
Max and Michele

Hi David & Ann
Please could we have 1 x Crumble & 1 x Pavlova

Graeme & Christine

Hi David and Ann

Please can we have 2 crumble


Dave and Cath

Hope we are not too late
Two chicken pies with roast potatoes
One crumble and one pavlova
Thanks Phil and josie

Hi Phil & Josie
No problem, most welcome.
See you there.

Hi Dave n Ann Can we have 1 crumble please Ray n Glennis

One crumble for Paul Wesson please :smile:

Hi David and Ann,
Could we have one Pavlola for Carol please.
Many thanks,
Anthony and Carol

Hi Ann ,David
Two apple & blackberry crumbles for us please.
Thank you.

Hi All
Thank you for your dessert choices.
I have now sent the meal spreadsheet to St Joseph’s Tea Rooms.
I will ask them to put a few extra desserts by, in case anyone decides on the night to have one.
Thank you

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Hi Ann,

Sorry this is so late in the day. I missed the pudding choices somewhere along the way. Would it be possible to put me down for the Pavlova.

If its too late then its not a problem my mistake.

See you tomorrow


Hi David and Ann
Sorry only just seen your post on desserts We would like 2 Pavlova.
Thank you
John and Maureen