St Joseph's Tea Rooms - Pie Night - Friday 11th March 2022

Hi All
You are invited to a Pie Night at St Joseph’s Tea Rooms, Abbey Road, Coalville, LE67 6UP.
It will be a 7pm arrival, for a 7:30 start.
Menu - Steak Pie, Chicken Pie, and a vegetarian choice (please ask for details). Roast Potatoes, (or mash if preferred), with vegetables and gravy.
A selection of desserts, (details not confirmed yet).
This is usually a very enjoyable evening in very laid back, welcoming surroundings.
If you would like to join us, please add your name to the thread below along with your main course choice.
We look forward to seeing friends, old and new.
David and Ann Mortiboys

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Hi David and Ann

We would love to join you.
Please can we have Steak pie x 2, one with roast potatoes and one with mashed potatoes.

Many thanks

Dave and Cath

Hi Dave and Ann. Please put us down for pie night. 2 chicken pies please. 1 with mash and 1 with roast potatoes. Thanks. John and Jan x

Hi Dave n Ann Ray n Glennis would love to join you both for the Pie night 1 x Steak 1 x Chicken 2 x Roast potatoes Thanks

Hi Ann ,David
We would love to join you for the pie night.
1 steak.1 chicken pie both with roast potatoes’

Hi David and Ann
We would like to join you. Can we please have 2 Steak pies with roast potatoes.
Thank you
John and Maureen

Hi David and Ann

Could you please put me down for chicken and roast spuds.


Hi David & Ann:

Please can we join you for the Pie Night .
One Steak & Mash & one Chicken & Roast potatoes please.
Graeme & Christine

Can you please add Karen and Dave to this, thank you x
we would like 2xsteak pie 1 roast potatoes and 1 mashed potatoes. Can we please have one strawberry pavlova.
thank you Karen

Hi. I can make it too. Steak Pie and roast potatoes for me please :slight_smile:
Strawberry Pavlova for pudding
Ta lots Sharon

Hi David and Ann,
We would love to join you.
2 steak pies, one roast and one mash potatoes please.
Kind regards,
Anthony and Carol.

Hi David and Ann,
Please can you add Max and Michele. We would both like Chicken pie with roast potatoes.
Many thanks

Hi there, unfortunately am unable to make it that night, but used to live in that area (left in 94) so would have been willing to travel back to reminisce! Didn’t that place used to be a pub ? Can anyone remember what it was called …?

Cheers … Rich

Hi David & Ann,

Would love to join you for the pie evening!
Can you put me down for a steak pie with roast potatoes plz.



Hi David

Would love to join you.

Could we have 1 steak pie and rost potatoes 1 chicken pie and mash


John and michele

Hi David and Ann
Can you please include us both with 1 steak and roast potatoes and 1 chicken with mash.
Anita and David

Hi David and Ann
Sorry could you please cancel our booking (just realised we are double booked)
Anita and David

Hi David & Ann

Please add us to the list, one steak and one chicken pie please, both with mash

Don & Kate

Hi All
We have now been given the choice of desserts from St Joseph’s Tea Rooms,
You can choose from Strawberry Pavlova or Apple and Blackberry Crumble with custard, if you would like to pre order your dessert, please update the thread as they would like to know by Wednesday morning if possible.
Thank you
David Mortiboys

Hello David and Ann.

We’d like a strawberry pavlova and an apple and blackberry crumble, please. Thanks.

Paul & Jayne