Stainless steel exhaust tips cleaner/polish?

So, I have some lovely stainless steel exhaust tips from the PTR exhaust I have on my MX5, but I’m wondering what is the best thing to use to clean/polish with? I’ve tried car Polish and a standard stainless steel cleaner but I really want them to gleam!! Any tips/products anyone could recommend?



Hi Simon have you tried solvol auto sol ?






Hi Ian,Caz, I haven’t tried that no, but just googled it and sounds promising! Thanks!

Better off with standard metal polishing kit, some pastes and a drill.

Auto sol for me too, used it for years on my motorbikes.  Its fantastic stuff.

Same again here. Autosol, used it for 37yrs on bike exhausts…and now use it on my MX5 tips.

Autosol is the dogs danglers but I also find if its not to bad some T-cut and a cloth pulled back and forth around it will give a good shine and its good for cleaning the muck off to boot :slight_smile:


I use autosol on my stainless back box comes up like a mirror,excellent stuff.

Thanks very much everyone, my weekend shoping list now contains Autosol!! ??

Make sure you get the name right…or it could be embarrassing…


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That’s for your own tail pipe, not the cars!!!


If anybody still wants ideas on this then try with 0000 guage wire wool and some polish.  Heck, most compound polishes work well. 


To speed things up abit look into buying a mothers power cone. Fantastic for exhausts.  Its a cone shaped foam pad with gills on.  Attach to a drill and away you go.  Does the inside and outside. If you know anybody going to the states they are cheap there and can even be bought in wallmart.  A little more expensive here but a worthy purchase for all exhaust polishing needs.


Yes - i have tried the power cone for exhaust polishing. Really really good and worth every penny!

Autosol is also my preferred metal polish - for the price; you canot really argue with the results

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Cobra recommend Solvol Autosol on their website, but looking at the Amazone reviews some comments are a little worrying.
Has anyone had any bad effects?
Or has anyone used Meguiars Whte Diamond Metal polish

Auto Glym liquid metal polish is excellent

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I quite like auto finesse mercury but my go-to is britemax metal twins. part1 with 000 guage steel wool then part 2 with a microfiber afterwards

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