Steering Squeak low speed

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC
  2. I’m based near: Walsall
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: What is the cause, is it serious?

Noticed if I drive the car for a fair bit say 10 minutes, then right at the end of my journey where I have to navigate a series of speed bumps at low speed the steering makes an audible squeak turning left or right.

No obvious leaks and last week had new brake pads fitted, if I just drive the car round the block, silence…it seems as though something has to get warm before the squeak starts.

What causes this? Is it a major issue? Being unfortunately furloughed, I don’t have pockets of cash to fix it so if it is something major I will be forced to sell the car :frowning:

I would hazard a guess at the brake pads bedding in, do check to see if they aren’t binding, getting unduly hot.

Mine sometimes squeaks on the column, just a slight squeak, think it may be something inside the cabin rather than under the car, doesn’t worry me too much.

I go along with this.

If the squeak has only appeared since the work was done, then there is the clue.

It may go away, most likely, or it might get worse. If worse then go back to whoever fitted the pads and ask them to look into it.

However, if slight “glazing” has happened, often as not a darn good Italian Tune up could fix it.
Once say 100 miles is done on them…give them a ruddy good pasting. Brutal but effective.

Thanks for advice everyone!

It did this quire loudly before the pads where changed, now its quieter, forgive my technical ignorance but is this an MX5 thing? Had new pads done on other cars and never experienced squeaks, why does it only occur at low speed after a longish journey? Is it something technical to do with brake pad manufacture?

Have the mechanic who fitted the new pads coming to look at it today.

Again thanks for the help :smile:

Had it inspected, transpires it is one disc with uneven wear causing the issue, new discs will fix it - phew!


In warmer weather my rears squeak (car brakes😁) like a wheelbarrow wheel that needs oiling, noticeable just when moving off. I could strip them and clean up, grease the pins then after a few more outings it started again, ok in winter.
Since I’ve replaced the rear pads it’s rarely done it. They operate ok and don’t bind, if I remember correctly my Mk1 did the same.