Steering wheel cover

Oh and new handbrake lever.


Looks good, where did you get it from and whats the process for fitting it ?


From a company called mewant they are Chinese they are on amazon and have their own website,

Basically tons of stitching, you put it in place and the get a long bit of thread and loop through each stitch on the steering wheel.

It’s easy but tedious, but worth it, cost £43 ordering it directly from them but took 2 months to arrive, Amazon costs more £65 but seems to have faster delivery.

OK thanks :+1:

That looks very smart!

Did you remove the wheel to make stitching easier?

If a 2mm layer of foam (laminate board underlay) was around the wheel to make it thicker, do you think the cover would still fit okay?

It would be tight, I’d do it in just the places you want it thicker. I left the wheel on, it would probably be easier off.