Steering wheel retrim

i would love to get my Steering wheel retrimmed. It’s in good nick but I would like thumb grips and if possible the wheel to flat bottomed…

First question is what is involved in removing the wheel. It of course has an airbag…Is it a DIY 

prospect ? I’m pretty handy with the spanner’s and have comprehensive tools.

Then the question where to get it done ? I hear Royal Steering Wheels often ? What are the options and roughly what is the cost ? 

I do know a good trimmer but unsure he does wheels and wonder if it’s a specialist job ?


All and any info greatly appreciated. 

Thanks ??

I had my NC1 done at Royal, not flat bottomed as I wasn’t sure how it would actually look without seeing one in the flesh.

I had mine 3mm thicker, with thumb rests, sent them a 2nd hand wheel, if I recall it was about £150 plus post. They did a great job - see photo.

Did mine too earlier this year, fantastic job, however a couple of points:


  1. Remove battery connections before tackling

  2. The main bolt will be a sod to shift

  3. Watch the airbag connector on the wheel, it has a small yellow plastic clip that needs to be pulled out to remove and must be pushed back in place when refitting

  4. If you go for an exchange, be prepared that the new wheel may be just off centre if my experience is anything to go by. Will need track rod ends tweaking


otherwise, one of the best mods you can make.

I’m sure Bettabuilder will be along soon and post, he had the flat bottom wheel design, if not drop him a PM.

As above, battery disconnection required,  2 10mm bolts hold the centre of the wheel on (airbag/horn push) these fasten at the rear of the wheel cowl hidden under 2 rubber grommets. Once removed you will see connectcon for air bag and SW controls, remove clip for airbag connection. 

To remove the actual wheel you’ll need a suitable size socket and bar and maybe a sharp blow on it to release the nut. Do not remove the nut fully leave it on the column spline then you’ll be able wriggle the wheel at the sides which should relaese it from the spline. Leaving the nut on stops you jerking the wheel upwards and smashing you teeth out.

Sorry guys, only just seen this 

Anyway, RSW (Jack) did a fantastic job for me  the addition if a flat bottom to the wheel was £50, I also made the trip to his works for him to fit for £15 ( I bottled out of doing it myself  ) all in was £215 IIRC, flat bottom, thicker rim, thumb grips, perforated and smooth leather and the 12 o’ clock red band, fitting. Worth noting, the flat bottom is more of an illusion? Top to bottom and side to side measurements are equal but look different. I absolutely loved that wheel and it’s on my list for the new car to have the same treatment. 

He’s away at the moment until the 24th April, otherwise I would have had it ordered already! I think this time, I’ll have a go myself and will pay the refundable wheel deposit option.


Had mine done as well by Royal and could not be happier


Had mine done by Royal and am well happy with it. I had them fit a replacement and found it to be off centre but the next stop was a four wheel alignment so was no problem. Cost was about £150 if I remember correctly/