Stick on number plates, legal or not, will it pass the MOT test

The MOT guy doesn’t care weather the plates are stick on or not so long as the numbers are legible.

This is a direct quote from the DVLA in reply to an e mail that I sent to them

Dear Mr Walton


Thank you for your email received
on 9/10/09. Your email reference number is 130980.


I have highlighted some
information in this email which may help you further.


The Road
Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) regulations 2001, took effect from 1
September 2001. These regulations introduced a mandatory character font,
provision for the optional use of the Euro-symbol, provision for the new
registration number format to take effect on that date and a new British
Standard (BS AU 145d) for the manufacture of number plates. Besides the
registration number the new British Standard made it compulsory for a number
plate to display:


  • the British Standard number
  • the name, trade mark or other means of identification of the manufacturer or component supplier (taken to be the manufacturer of the number plate and the character to be used on it)
  • the name and postcode of the supplying outlet. The "supplying outlet" means the person or company who provides the plate for fixing on the vehicle e.g. dealer who supplies vehicle or affixes new plates
From 1 September 2001 all new number plates must be constructed using the new mandatory font and characters must be of the size given below (sizes do not refer to motorcycles and vehicles manufactured before 1973). The characters must be black; the background must be of reflex-reflecting material white at the front and yellow at the rear. It seems unlikely that a "stick on number" could conform to the British Standard. However, this could be confirmed by contacting the British Standards Institute (telephone number 0208 9967333).


Characters Size all vehicles
except motorcycles:


Height 79mm

Width 50mm

Stroke 14mm

Side margin 11mm

Top & bottom margins 11mm

Space between characters 11mm

Space between groups 33mm

Motorcycles only:

Height 64mm

Width 44mm

Stroke 10mm

Space between characters 10mm

Space between groups 30mm

Top, Side & Bottom margin


Motorists, may if they wish,
display the Euro symbol and GB national identifier on the number plate. This
will dispense with the need for a separate GB sticker when travelling within the
EU. The symbol must confirm to the EC Council Regulation 2411/98 which states
the height must be a minimum of 98mm the width must be a minimum of 40mm,
maximum of 50mm. The background must be of retro-reflecting blue with 12
retro-reflecting yellow stars at the top and the distinguishing sign of the
Member State (GB) in retro-reflecting white or yellow.


Full details (including examples
of the style and shape of number plates) can be found at our website A copy of the new regulations can be purchased through:


HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationary

PO Box 276





G Parslow

Customer Enquiries Group



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