Stormy Blue metallic paint

Does anyone else here have the ‘Stormy Blue’ MX5 and if so do you have a recommendation for a good wax to really bring out the shine?

Or owners of any other colour who can recommend a good wax

I just wash and polish ours currently and it looks great but I would like to know if there are any other products to really get it gleaming. (some of the pics of owners cars I’ve seen on here tells me there is)

Thank you.

Hi, Mine is stormy blue and i use…

Autobrite - cherry glaze, a glaze will fill in very light swirl which you can see on stormy blue as its so dark.

Then I use Dodo juice blue velvet wax, this is purely a wax with no abrasion, see pics below, no swirl on my car at all.


If the lacquer is really swirly you could get a detailer to machine polish it clear, then apply a ceramic coating to lock in that shine.
When the lacquer gets scratched and swirly after years of bad washing with abrasive sponges and grit it really hides the true colour.
2 bucket wash method after that to prevent future damage.

Wow, that looks impressive!!

As Glosrich suggested, maybe get it detailed and ceramic coated.

You’ll really see the “hidden” colours in the paintwork. This is my 24 year old Dakar in Twilight Blue after detailing.


Now, that’s the NA I’m after! Lovely looking car :heart_eyes:

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Wow, That colour really pops in sun where did you get the mud flaps from?

I’ve always been happy with Autoglym products,.especially the High Definition kit…

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Many thanks for all the suggestions, - very insightful.

I’ll have a look at all of them.


Believe it or not the mudflaps were on marketplace on facebook !..a very rare find for a NC2