Stowe Circuit Session's

 Throughout the Silverstone Classic weekend, Grand Prix Events is offering
you the opportunity to take part in a track event with the car you already

own. On 3 consecutive days, and managed by experienced racing

professionals, you will have the opportunity to drive on the brand new,

extended 1.2 mile Stowe Circuit, which offers some great corners and some

real chance for speed - inside Silverstone’s world famous Grand Prix circuit,

in mid-summer, in the midst of one of the largest classic racing events in

the world!




Single track sessions available starting from as little as £75.




Take a slot in
one of these open sessions to put yourself and your special road car to the

test or to give your race car a shakedown.

Or take part in one of the passenger-ride sessions - providing a unique

opportunity for your family, friends and colleagues to experience the fun

and excitement of some on-track action first-hand.

Bespoke sessions for clubs, manufacturers and/or dealers can also be

arranged – take over an existing slot for exclusive use, book half a day or even have your own one day track event.

With over 1,000 competing cars and 5,000 privately owned classic cars and bikes already attending the Silverstone

Classic, demand will be extremely high for this special GPE Stowe Circuit event.

SESSION SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM 24 CARS (for exclusive sessions this means 24 on-track at any one

time) so don’t miss out – BOOK NOW!

Priority will be given to members of the HGPCA and Masters, Silverstone Classic competitors and attending one-make car clubs…

The Classic offers racing for every type of enthusiasts’ car covering the past 80 years – so when you’re not

on-track yourself, there’ll be some great racing to watch – and there’s plenty for the family to do on the infield too.

Visit for further details.

Come and join us for the thrill of a classic on-track experience.

Stowe Circuit, July 23.24 & 25 – 3 Classic Track days – at the heart of the action!

For further information, book with our Silverstone-based event manager, Carol Mason on

or call on the GPE mobile 07562 133755.

 On all three days of this year’s Silverstone Classic, Grand Prix Events is offering anyone with a nice road car the opportunity to ‘stretch its legs’ on-circuit.  There is also the opportunity to get family and friends involved with dedicated sessions for passenger rides – or perhaps they might want to have their own fun while you are doing the serious bit on the GP circuit?

The brand new, extended Stowe circuit is scheduled for launch early in June.  It has some great facilities, right in the centre of Silverstone’s Grand Prix loop and GPE has secured it for duration of the Silverstone Classic for the enjoyment of all – providing  an unprecedented opportunity to take part in the one of, if not THE largest historic racing festivals in the world without having to buy a classic racing car!

In addition to the road car sessions, there will also be sessions enabling competitors to give their race cars a shakedown, plus exclusive sessions tailored to suit organisations.

Spaces are strictly limited – a maximum of 24 entries per session (for exclusive sessions, more cars are welcome but only 24 will be allowed on-circuit at any one time) so we recommend you get your entries in quickly.

Prices start at a preferential rate of £75 for Mazda Club members for a generous 45 minute session – more than enough track time for most cars.

For an entry form or for more information, please email or leave your name and telephone number on 07562 133755 and  GPE’s event manager, Carol Mason will be pleased to revert to you with all of the information you require.