Strange appearance to my forum interface

Hi folk.
May I ask, have I unwittingly done something to my settings?
The forum interface has changed for me.
I used to see the latest and new topics as lists. Now, the latest topics appear buried in the complete list of forum titles but have a tiny blue dot after them.
New topics still appear as a stand alone list.
Can anyone shed any light on this please?

There has been a software update recently which may have impacted one of the views and the one you use.

There are various ways you can set in your own preferences to view the forum.

The view I use hasn’t changed.

Same here, I’ve tried to get it back to how it was, can’t fathom it out.

Same. I was going to post a question in the technical section, but ‘new topic’ was greyed out!

I’ve only accessed the forum on my phone this week and it appears markedly different, and not in a good way. I now see this and it’s much more difficult to see new posts or ones that have new replies.

When presented with the new menu on the left click on Topics and it will become a bit more familiar.

This is a function of using a software product with frequent updates, we don’t have a choice if we want to keep current with security updates.

Thanks for the responses folk. Glad it’s not just something I inadvertently altered :smile:

Appreciate the explanation Ian.

Is there a changelog for the forum software published anywhere Ian?

It would be good, if possible, to know about changes coming before they’re made live.

It would, the best way is to follow Discourse themselves.

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