Strange email received?? Legit?

Just received an email headed:-

“Bright Coloured Mk1 required for photo shoot”

With the message:-

“If you wish to stop receiving these kind of emails stop then please choose to unsubscribe from them in your profile”

“Profile” is a blue clickable link.

It purports to come from an MX ownersclub member who I have not yet found on the members list.

I have not clicked on the link but am concerned that as I have not received any similar emails this may not be legit - if a moderator would PM me then I can forward the email for checking out if required.

More information needed but as the forum membership is largely viewable, I would suggest this is not legitimate.

Do you have a brightly coloured MX5 and would you want to get involved anyway?

Rob - MK1 - black 

Hover the cursor over the link text and it should show the link; if it looks legit no problem. Journalists looking for photo-shoot cars do post here occasionally.

I’m suspicious!  Why would a member contact you (a Mk.4 owner as clearly displayed in your signature!) directly when a post on the forum would attract “bright coloured Mk.1” owners.  Seems to me that it’s some sort of scam and they’re trying to get you to click on a link that will let them hack into your computer to look for passwords, bank and card details etc…  Beware brother beware!  

PS: I wouldn’t “hover” over the link, you might inadvertently actuate it!!!  My advice is delete it promptly!!!

Was it possibly from your AC?

It is from Keith Coutts the AC for Yorkshire Ridings but something doesn’t look right so I’ve deleted as it seems suspect as others have said. Possibly his account has been hacked?. 

Would you mind forwarding the mail on to with a quick link to this thread for context?


Yes - that is who I received the email from - I will delete the message.

Hovering over the link shows a connection with - whatever that is.

Thanks to everyone who replied.



SendGrid is just the email service that we use, so in itself is safe.

Has anybody from Yorkshire Ridings area contacted Keith Coutts direct either by a forum PM, phone or email to establish the actual facts of the matter?  Would seem the best thing to do.

I just rang Keith, even though I don’t know him, and he said he is aware of the problem. He said that something has gone wrong with the mass e mail address book. He didn’t expand on the problem but I assume he is now working on this. 

I too had the same email. I’m sure I’ve had something previously from Keith and just assume it’s a follow up? Can’t remember what the other msg was about though.


EDIT: Here is the body of the previous email.

Communication - Data Protection Act 2018

Hello everyone,

For some time there has been debate regarding the way the Yorkshire Ridings area communicates with its members and with the Spring Rally coming up soon in April at Elvington, I have drafted this ‘mass email’ to members with the following objectives:

  1. Confirm with all current members that they are happy for myself to communicate with them from time to time on specific issues, using ‘mass’ email (your email not visible to others) in lieu of the Facebook group page
  2. Identify members who do not use the Facebook group page
  3. Obtain the permission for specific key members of the Spring Rally organising committee to communicate via email (your email not visible to others) with those who have volunteered to help on the 28th April
All MX50C Yorkshire Ridings Members (Spring Rally Volunteers see below)

Please reply stating Member, indicating your preference using the appropriate prefix letter below, e.g.: Member, a), followed by your full name

a) You are happy for the Area Co-ordinator to communicate with you via a Mass email (your email not visible to others) from time to time on specific issues and you ARE a user of the area Facebook group page

b) You are happy for the Area Co-ordinator to communicate with you via a Mass email (your email not visible to others) from time to time on specific issues and you do NOT use the area Facebook group page

Spring Rally Volunteers (Members)

Please reply stating: Member, with your preference prefix letter from the 3 choices above + Volunteer, indicating your preference using the appropriate prefix letter below, e.g. : Member, a) Volunteer, a) followed by your full name

a) You are happy fo  rEMAILS REMOVED BY ADMIN DUE TO DATA PROTECTION !  to communicate with you via email (your email not visible to others) on key issues relating to your offer to volunteer at the forthcoming Spring Rally on the 28th April

b) You only wish to receive communication via the Area Co-ordinator

I would encourage you to also check via the MX5OC website that we hold an appropriate email address for you: open the club website & click on the ‘Membership’ option and then Forum/Membership Login or click on the link:

Thank you all in anticipation.


Keith Coutts

Area Co-ordinator

Yorkshire Ridings

MX5 Owners Club


Barrie - I remembered the earlier e mail you referred to but you beat me by seconds with your update. 

The request is legitimate as we are looking for a good condition mk1 for a magazine cover shoot on the 27th in the North Yorkshire Area and had asked Keith after he’d pursued a particular car without success to try to email members, I guess this is the message.

Once again thank you to all who have followed up my (and others) concerns about what appeared to be a troubling email seemingly directed at some MX5 owners.

From past experience I have discovered that you can’t be too careful with possibly suspect emails apparently sent from people and organisations you know but who have, in fact, had their accounts hijacked.

I am pleased by the quick response I have had from the the forum’s administrators, it is very reassuring,

It would now seem to be legitimate and I hope that a suitable car can be found for the cover.

I do welcome the Yorkshire Riding area’s planned communication of MX5 matters by email as I do not have a Facebook account.

Once again “thank you” and happy MX5 motoring!!