Stunning 1998 Mk2 MX-5 Eunos for sale

  1. The car I’m offering for sale is a MX-5 Eunos Mk2 1998

  2. The car is located near Welney, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire/Norfolk

  3. The price is £4500

  4. General information and history…A stunning, unique and eye-catching MX-5, this 1998 mk2 automatic is a joy to drive and certainly draws attention wherever it goes. Finished in a lovely dark blue with beige-gold highlights, leather seats, an immaculate mohair hood and matching hard top, the colour co-ordinated wheels and chrome detailing really set this car off.
    Under the bonnet the engine detailing is a delight to behold: chrome reservoirs, blue hoses and HT leads, and body coloured rocker cover lift the car into the realms of competitive shows.
    For those that think an automatic is not for a sports car think again; it is fantastic to drive on twisty B-roads as it can be ‘locked’ to keep the revs in the maximum power band, but is effortless in stop-start city traffic. This car also has ice-cold air-conditioning, an efficient heater and rear window demisters on both hoods, making it a very practical all-seasons car.
    MOT to September 2021, new tyres, and all fluids renewed when I bought it, this car has had thousands spent on it in the 3 years of my ownership, to get it to the condition you see it now. It is a limited-edition Japanese spec car, imported in 2000, I’m only asking £4,500 for this one-off special; viewing is required before I’ll consider any offers.

  5. Photo’s of the car

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