SU Red Shade Variations

Hi I have a 1994 Mk1 that Is in need of some paintwork as the previous owner must have painted it with a Cauliflower using Humbrol enamel which is slowly peeling off in places.
The paint code on the Vin Plate is SU Red.
But when I look at the Colour swatch in Halfords, SU Red doesn’t match the red my Mazda obviously left the Factory in. Does anyone know if there were different shades of SU Red?

There was supposedly a “light” and a “dark” SU red. Maybe get your paintwork cut back, to achieve a better match.

Go to any reputable car paint supplier and they will scan the colour and then mix the paint accordingly.

All of the reputable paint suppliers I have used, look up the paint mix on the computer. Not one have I seen gone out into the carpark to take a spectrophotometric reading for a £10 aerosol. I’ve seen it written that they do, but they don’t.

I took my rear bumper off the Mk1 I owned to have it resprayed, the guy matched it perfectly with no trouble but that was brilliant black. He had a Mk1 in for work telling me he’ll have to respray the whole car as he just couldn’t match the paint to look anything like decent, so many different shades already on the car, that was red.

I had some PZ black mixed up. I asked the paint guy what went into it. Black apparently.

I’m not sure if all aerosols work the same but Twilight Blue Mica does not match when sprayed using an aerosol.
A fellow behind the counter in my local paint specialist motor factor explained that it was to do with the pressure it comes out of the can at.
Professionally sprayed paint matched perfectly from the factory paint code.
Hope you find something that works :+1: