Sub £5000 1.8 MX-5

I am looking for a sub £5k nice car that is nice to drive, looks good, and good on fuel.

I ended up with a short list including the Honda CRZ, Peugeot RCZ and MX5.

The MX5 just seems more sensible choice but I need advice on what sort of year I should look for. I have found 2005+ models from £2500 onwards but I need one which has drivers seat height and forward back adjustment as I want my daughter who is 5’ 2 and my son who is 6ft 1 to be able to drive it

can you help


I’m not sure, but i think height adjustable drivers seat came around 2009, i’m sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly to confirm.

Height adjust came in late 2007 (57 plate). But I had a 2006 car for over ten years and i fitted ok, its the cupholders in the door on the 2005-9 cars that my knees used to hit I am 6’3"

Thanks to everyone so far…its more my daughter who is 5’2 I am worried about



Wondering if anyone had any more thoughts on the MX-5 for a fairly short person like my daughter 5’2"

Seat position ok ?