Sub £5000 1.8 MX-5

I am looking for a sub £5k nice car that is nice to drive, looks good, and good on fuel.

I ended up with a short list including the Honda CRZ, Peugeot RCZ and MX5.

The MX5 just seems more sensible choice but I need advice on what sort of year I should look for. I have found 2005+ models from £2500 onwards but I need one which has drivers seat height and forward back adjustment as I want my daughter who is 5’ 2 and my son who is 6ft 1 to be able to drive it

can you help


I’m not sure, but i think height adjustable drivers seat came around 2009, i’m sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly to confirm.

Height adjust came in late 2007 (57 plate). But I had a 2006 car for over ten years and i fitted ok, its the cupholders in the door on the 2005-9 cars that my knees used to hit I am 6’3"

Thanks to everyone so far…its more my daughter who is 5’2 I am worried about



Wondering if anyone had any more thoughts on the MX-5 for a fairly short person like my daughter 5’2"

Seat position ok ?


My Sister had an NC1 and she is 5ft 5 and never had any issues getting comfy. That said, different torso/leg length ratios can change how easy it is to get comfy.

Just noticed this is a couple of months old now. Did you end up with a Mazda? :sunglasses:

I am 5ft 2 and have a Mk3 PRHT and no problem with the seat, particularly since the steering wheel is adjustable. That said I cannot see the end of the bonnet, but I very rarely can in any car.

I am 5 foot 5, i have no issues, but my wife would argue 3 inches is one hell of a difference.

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I’m around 5’6" and fit my Mk1 much better than I fitted my Mk3 when I owned that. Because the clutch needed the pedal to almost touch the floor to work properly, it was always a real stretch for my leg if I had the seat adjusted properly in other respects. If I got caught up in traffic, I often ended up with cramp in my leg and had to find somewhere to pull over and get back to normal! What the car really needed wasn’t an adjustable steering wheel but an adjustable pedal box!