Suggested NC mods?

Hope this is the right thread, please move if not.

i have an ‘06 2.0 NC sport with 91k miles in very good condition and completely standard which I purchased a year again and am looking to keep for a few years yet.

I have about £2k to spend on mods so am looking for some advice from those in the know.

I‘m not interested in cosmetics or changing the interior, more interested in performance, braking and suspension for spirited road use rather than track days.

Current thinking is refreshed suspension, but not sure what as don’t want a harsh ride (still on original bilstiens), BBR or Skuzzle tuning mod to c190bhp and Cobalt back box (don’t want to go too loud but would like a bit of noise). Not too concerned about brakes at this stage as did discs and pads about 500 miles ago.

So they are my thoughts, what do people think?

Sounds sensible. Just one bit of advice: I got Ohlin coil overs fitted and whilst they are excellent, I got them set by BBR on the “fast road/track” setting. The result is a car that sticks like glue to the track, but which is skittish and uncomfortable on roads - particularly the B roads which are the MX5’s ideal habitat. Get it lowered by all means but don’t get the ride set too stiff or you’ll regret it.

Mine is lowered on std Bilstiens and has the Cobalt back box, both essential mods in my opinion, I’ve been looking at the BBR 185 and 200 but concerned about the MOT with the exhaust CAT being removed. 

That the rearea I got rid of my ohlins and went to meister 

I would recommend suspension and manifold and a retune 


If the car was mine I would take it to a trusted professional and take heed of his advice. 

In my case that would be Brian Chandler at BC Cars, Haverhill. He teaches, sets up race cars for a number of others, and has won championships himself.


I took my mk2.5 Sport to him and told him I wished to do AutoSolo’s and he set the car accordingly.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and he only goes as far as you want him to, but does give you the “next step options” if you wish to go further.


My car no longer rips out front tyres with massive oversteer so there’s a saving strait away.


I appreciate that he may be too far away from you, but then the last car I bought for my sons F in L came from Bristol.



Paul G


Check Rev9, they have so many quality parts to buy - my favourite parts are created by Jetstream. It depends what you want to do? Do you want it louder? To look better? To be faster? If you want under the hood stuff I would go with BBR, sounds like the Super 200 might be a good choice (Just over £2000 installed by them). They also do a Koni Suspension package for just under £1000.