Summer Classic Easter-Compton 11th & 12th August

Is anybody planning to attend this show?

Last year we had a joint stand of over 7 cars (Western & South Wales Eastern side) and it was a stunning day.

I believe its £5 on the day, don’t have the info on organising stands?

I can promote the event at the next SW Eastern meeting on 26th July

 I am planning on going agian this year, Karen was giving out information at the western meeting last week. Do not know whether to go Saturday or Sunday but happy to fit in with the majority.


Last year we (SW Eastern side) went on the Sunday and we had a joint stand. 

Is Karen organising a stand?


Hopefully going on the Sunday like last year.

The organisers are emailing me a booking form for a stand at the Summer Classic. Is there a preference for Saturday or Sunday? We shall get 6 pairs of tickets for free, addtional tickets £5 each, payable on the day. They need to know approximate numbers of cars attending to allow us enough space.

 Oh - forgot to mention the booking form needs to be returned by the end of July so replies as early as possible appreciated.

Many thanks


Me and the boss for the Sunday?

 Me + 1 for the sunday please.


Me and Steve for Sunday please

 Thanks to all those who have replied so far - names noted.Thumbs up

 Hi Karen,

Would like to attend but can only do Sunday


 Hi Liz

You’re in luck as I have applied for Sunday as the consensus seemed to be for this day.

Clapping hands in the airClapping hands in the air From Neil’s description of Saturday last year, Sunday was definately better Thumbs up 

That’s it blame me againStick Tongue Out

 Unfortunately this clashes with the Bridgwater Classic Car Show so I’ll be heading south for that - anybody else fancy joining me???

I would like to be considered for the Easter Compton show on the Sunday please.

See you at the next meeting.


 Hi Karen, really sorry but I’ve managed a double booking with family so now unable to attend the Easter Compton Classic, hopefully I’ll get it right for next year.