Sunday Run 7th August 2022

Is this the Tesco on Resolution Road LE65 1FE

Yes Nigel, that the correct Tesco

Hello everyone, we are back from holiday and now looking forward to August 7th. We won’t be at The Coopers on Thursday as Paul will be in the middle of two cataract operations and we are therefore keeping social contact to a minimum because of Covid still being out there!
All names above are on my list, which is:
Me and Paul, Phil and Josie, Paul and Karen B, David and Cath, Dennis, Carol and Anthony, Janice and John, Martin and Anne, Sharon, Dave and Julie, Ray and Glennis, Nigel and Janet, Angie and Chris, John and Michele, David and Ann, David and Anita, Max and Michele, Mick and Suzanne, Dave and Karen, Don and Kate, Sandy and Claire.
40 people and 21 cars :grin:
We will have copies of the route to give to everyone on the day as usual and look forward to seeing you all.
K&P x

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Please add us to James :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::sunglasses::+1:

Hi Karen Can you had David & Clair for run and meal. Thanks David M

Hi Karen & Paul Can you had Barry and Geraldine for run and meal please. David M

I’ve added their names, thank you David. :+1:

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Hi Karen,
Are we too late to add our names for the run.
Reg and Lynn

Not too late, I’ve added you my list Reg and Lynn :grin:

@WAM here is the link for you

Hi can you add Phil and Josie for run and meal

Hi can we just have Phil for the run and meal
Josie has a prior event sorry

I have you in Phil, what Josie could have more important than a 5 drive I just do not know :joy: :joy:
Final numbers of 43 to dine I am sending over later to the restaurant, very much looking forward to seeing you all, we just need summer to contine until at least then :sunglasses:
Karen and Paul

Im hoping to make it on Sunday :+1:

Hello WAM - did you want me to see if I can add you to those booked in for lunch? It may be too late but I can try.

Yes pls Karen if you can, not to worry if not though :+1:

Hello everyone,
I have booked you in for lunch WAM (sorry I don’t know your name!) Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday (from 9.30am at Tesco, Resolution Rd, Ashby de la Zouch LE65 1TE). We will meet in the car park, on the edge of it, to the right of the entrance into the store as you look at it. There are two ways into the car park, if you come in and the fuel station is on your right go straight on at the roundabout and turn right at the second one. If you come in the other way (past McVities on your right) turn left at the first roundabout. This will take you past the recycling area, then keep left and we will park on the left. Paul aims to stand where he can see both roundabouts and wear a high vis jacket to point you in the right direction. The store will be open at 9.30 to use the toilets, but I don’t think the cafe will be sadly. We will leave Tesco very promptly at 10am. If you are delayed on the way my number is 07795 677929.
Final list of those joining us is as follows:
Paul and Karen B
David and Cath
Carol and Anthony
Martin and Anne
Dave and Julie
Ray and Glennis
Nigel and Janet
Angie and Chris
David and Ann
David and Anita
Max and Michele
Mick and Suzanne
Dave and Karen
James and Dorian
David and Claire
Sandy and Claire
Barry and Geraldine
Reg and Lynn
WAM (aka ?? :grin:)
Paul and Karen W
42 people, 23 cars.
Please get in touch if you have any queries. We are doing the final run through tomorrow to check mileages again, and for any roadworks that have closed roads since we last did it 5 weeks ago!!! Fingers crossed there aren’t any!!!
K&P x

Hi Karen, thanks for adding me to lunch on Sunday, looking forward to it.
My name is Wayne by the way :smile:

No problem Wayne :+1:

Thank you Karen and Paul for a great day, lovely run and social meal.
Loved the Yellow Jacket Paul.
Thank you
David and Ann