Sunday update for Valentines Drive & Lunch

Valentines Drive & lunch Sunday Update, there are 4 couples going direct to Midhurst, please could the remainder members please try to be at Costa Coffee Wellington Retail Park, Hambledon Rd, Waterlooville PO7 7FG for around 10ish to leave at approx 10:40ish, parking may be ramdom! see you all later John & patricia…

When we all arrive at Midhurst parking will now be reserved spaces at the Angel Inn, it will be tight so park close together…

Getting out via the windows then John :rofl::rofl:

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Bernie, could be so true…lol

Good news indeed! :grinning: and thanks for organising (again).

I listened to many of the CD tracks on the way home and especially 6-7-8 - no faults evident from the CD/MP3 player of my Mark IV on track 7.


Thanks Simon, we did think it strange perhaps the CDs needed a clean, I have put a post on the solent FB to that effect.