Sunlight Silver MK2.5 OSF quarter panel wanted

Hi guys,

Someone has just put a lovely dent in my offside/ driver’s side front wing. :scream: Lukily the rest of the car is undamaged.

I don’t suppose anyone is breaking (or has broken) a Silver MK2.5 (I understand the Mk2 is a different colour silver) with decent OS front wing that I could ideally bolt straight on?

I don’t mind having to do a little bit of work on it if there is some surface rust, etc at the bottom, but I’d rather not have to completely respray the panel as I know it then won’t match the rest of the car and I’ll have to start getting into blending the paint into the doors, bumper, bonnet, etc.

Many thanks!

Hi guys - another shout out just in case as the dent is making me sad :frowning:. Apparently my paint code is 22v, sunlight silver.

Thank you.