Supercharged NC spark plugs

Hey guys,

I can’t seem to find anything relating to this on the search function, I want to fully service my car which has the BBR Cosworth kit fitted and some added mods on top, would anyone know if I should stick to the standard spec spark plugs, or should I get something a bit colder like an NGK 7??


Try ringing bbr. They are normally super helpful 

Will do, thanks

Mine had the original Mazda plugs fitted. I’ve now replaced them with the equivalent Denso plugs when I gave it a bit of a service.

Cosworth Supercharged NC 

The normal thing when fitting a supercharger is to use plugs one grade colder than standard.


That was my thinking, thanks!

Spoke to Skuzzle, who will be mapping it next week, they said to leave it for now as they have loads on the shelf.