Supercharging an Mk2.5 2003

Hi All,

During lockdown I was thinking about prepping my car for either the Skuzzle or T R lane supercharger kit. Would this be a good start?

IF not what components should I be buying and fitting to reduce the installation cost?

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Hello JOn
I note the supercharger is collection only - Dagenham so the Covid 19 lock down may
prevent your purchase unless you are real close & can do some essential grocery shopping.
A few years ago I had my 2002 MK2.5 supercharged, yes eventually it performed well
but it was not without all sorts of teething troubles. Avoid if you can the continuous quest for more & more power, be happy with 185 bhp & around the same ft/lb torque.
The M45 struggles to sustain 225 bhp & the subsequent increase in torque, yes great fun while it all held together!
A turbo installation maybe a worthwhile alternative?
Being a few hundred miles north I have not personally dealt with Nick Skuzzle Mororsport but I do know he has a fine MX5 reputation.

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Thx. Appreciated. I’m not actually after huge speed just a bit more oomph low range. Is it worth doing do you think?

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Hello Jonathan
Is it worth doing?
Is your MK2.5 relatively rust free, wheel arches, sills, front chassis rails?
These need checking before you spend money on a supercharger installation.
Get your car to a MX5 specialist who, I am sure, can advise you if your car is
worthy of spending money on either body repairs and/or installing a supercharger.
Also what state are your brakes & shock absorbers?

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Hi Keith, Thanks for your reply. I’m not a young drifter. I’m in my late 40’s. I have spent some considerable time on this car as a project. Its in great shape and I’m only left with sorting out the front rails. Which will be done after lockdown. Although I was told they will be Mot clear for some years.
To be honest I just want a little more acceleration up to 60. I’m not a speed freak. Just want a little more.

In your opinion is it not worth the expense? I was thinking just doing an M45 with sq2 engine management.

Let me know your thoughts?

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Hi Jonathan
We have built a supercharged Mk1 1.6 using the the M45 with all the TR Lane parts. We went a little further than you intend to go and ended up at 200bhp.
Just adding the m45 with standard pully and decent engine management will give you lots of low end grunt and transforms the car.
Some things you will need to consider, single or twin throttle bodies and engine management are the two most important, this is where it worth taking the advice of Skuzzle or Bofi Racing.
From our experience you will not need an intercooller, oil cooler or big rad, you can add them later if required.
Good luck

Hello Jonathan
Great advice from Brembo1
!s the eBay M45 worth it? No price shown. What condition is the M45? They can be
re-furbished. Is the M45 removed from a MX5? This will have a bearing as to whether
the ancillary parts are of value.
Please let me know how you progress.
Stay Safe

Hi Brembo1,
Appreciate your feed back. I’m not after a really quick car , if that was the case I would have bought something else. I love the easy smile feel of this car. I don’t really drive faster than 70!
I do however enjoy driving through B roads sensibly with the sensation of the the road.
I just want a little faster pick up.
Very interested in your comment. All I want is a simple system for a bit of better torque at low end.
What would your basic level suggestions be please?

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Hi Jon
Fitting a supercharger will give you exactly what you want.
My basic set up would be ready made brackets from Bofi Skuzzle or TR Lane, the M45 that has a history! ME221 ecu, and a decent blow off valve, you may also need injectors intake air sensor and maybe a wide band sensor, your MK2.5 engine is alot more complicated than the early MK1 1.6 we modified so I would highly recommend you talk to Skuzzle or Bofi Racing about the finer details.