Superchips for 2.0 ND2

I’ve noticed that Superchips now do a map for MX5’s (including NC’s). I’ve had Superchips on quite a few previous cars, but not on an MX5 before.
Has anyone had one applied and provide a view? Superchips are offering £100 off and mobile fitting before the end of Feb - looks tempting!

What does the Superchip offer in terms of performance ?

BBR do a chip for the ND2 also. Mazda warranty would concern me a bit though, I’d do it out of warranty.

Easy just search and you get and all will be revealed.

They don’t do a map for ND2. Go to BBR or Roddisons.

If you look at their website above, they seem to, ie for the 181bhp model - goes to 196bhp. I selected a 2021 model.

I know (from their website) BBR do not only seem to do a chip, only more involved conversions.

My apologies, missed that!

Superchip will remap your ECU the same as BBR do. BBR certainly do just ECU remaps if that’s what you’re after. Personally I wouldn’t use Superchip, not a very good result on a previous car.

I can’t believve Mazda left 15 bhp on the table when they released the ND2. If only they had hired the bloke from Superchips they would be able to put out a more desirable car.

What kind of not very good result?
Less power than you expected or poor running of some kind…

Is it easy to reverse the chips, without taking them back? Am a bit worried about Mazda not paying out on the warranty if there is a problem. May get messy if BBR (or Superchips) part cover the warranty. As I am getting a brand new car, I would like an upgrade, but anyone got experience of issues?

Don’t forget that the extra bhp is usually right at the top of the rev range and how much time do you really spend at 7500rpm, probably less than a minute in total in a 30 minute drive?
Purely subjectively you might be better off spending the money on a good geo which you can enjoy more of the time, but I realise the lure of more power is always addictive… :wink:

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Thanks, I agree and will get the car and try it for a bit first anyway. It would be interesting to see a power/torque curve and see if there is much difference across the whole range. However having not driven the car at all yet, I will see what it is like first…

I’ve no experience of a remap on an MX5, but have on a number of other cars (all from Superchips), whilst I tend to agree that the increased power is up the rev range, I found that they increased throttle response across the whole range, and filled odd holes in the torque curve. All the previous cars were new and within manufacturers warranty, I never experienced any problems (in fact one was a VW and it was recommended by the dealers themselves). I don’t know how the map shows up on dealers’ diagnostics, but the most comment it elicited was that I’d got a good one. Whilst I never needed engine/gearbox work on any of the cars, I did have other warranty claims with no issues. No idea whether this helps with your decisions…
Remapkings act as an agent/installer, on their website they’re offering the same £100 discount, but it’s a cheaper price to begin with.

Don’t forget to contact your insurer. Accidents happen when you least expect them, as I’ve just found out, and if you’ve modified without their approval…

Thanks for the feedback - personally I will run the car for a few weeks first and then decide if I “need” it…

I have a Pipercross filter and a stubby antenna to fit first (already bought in anticipation!) and it has been recommended that I get it undersealed - something I need to check out.

What tuners can do with a remap differs vastly with turbo or normally aspirated. You can unlock electronically a lot more torque and power low down the range with a tuned turbo by playing with boost, wastegate pressures, fuel pressure etc. whereas with NA it’s harder to free up much more low down without physically changing the exhaust & intake. That’s why on an NC for example most tunes are accompanied by removing the first cat in the intake & fitting a freer manifold. BBR’s kits for NC & ND start with new manifold, exhaust, chip etc. as you need all three to get the mixture in & out of the engine faster.

I’ve used SuperChips before, Service was OK and I got what I paid for, namely removing the v-max from a couple of German cars, don’t ask! I feel unless you are getting +10% power/torque it is not going to be that dramatic… Sadly even with an extra 14hp that is not going to be a concern for my MX-5:-) so I probably won’t bother this time. Peter

Me too - I agree that with a turbo, you have a lot more flexibility to have additional power and torque across the range, but there are limitations with a NA engine. The “old fashioned” way was to increase the rev limit and you got the additional power at the very top as the power curve carried on climbing. However , whilst revving my NA was part of the fun, it was still going slow. In a tuned ND, you would be going much faster and I think that it would possibly have issues for the engine and a brand new car doesn’t need that stress…

I will just enjoy the car as it is (when I get the damn thing!!!)

If you have any issues around insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.