Suspension alignment

Hi. I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a four wheel alignment place around Staffs that are used to MX5s. I have been recommended Rodissons in Sheffield but if there is somewhere local i would be glad to know. Thanks

If you’re from the Black Country then Addison Tyres, Tipton.

A line Dudley is the Local go to for the Phoenix fives.

In Cannock so either not far off. Just prefer some one who knows our cars rather than just journey man aligner if you know what I mean.

Slightly north of Staffs but Blink Motorsport are specialists in Winsford

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Addison screwed up the alignment on one of my old cars, that was some years ago though, so I would never go there again. I have also heard A Line Dudley are good as well. Rodders did my alignment though after he fitted lowering springs to the car as well. Very happy with him!!

I have heard of them. I shall give then a ring. Thanks for your help.

Dad W.I.M ( Wheels inmotion ) isn’t that far On a nice day in a MX5 what could be better … Ask for joe Have your car lowered About 35mm at the same time and H&R spacers.25mm Car comes out looking fantastic, Handles better Wider track etc lower centre of gravity. Your money well spent … incidentally my MX5 NC 1 has been sorted by this company recently. I recommend them 100%

When fitting spacers is it necessary to shorten the original hub stud length ?

Do you need to roll arch lip for clearance ?

Hi Sean,
I took my NC from our home in Staffordshire to Roddisons in Sheffield two years ago, and I’ve never regretted that journey once. They set the four wheel alignment up properly, and it sharpened my car up a treat, and at a very competitive price too. He really really does know his stuff. Also, Paul Roddison’s price for four of my chosen brand of tyres was better than I could find anywhere else.

Based on my experience, I’d recommend him to you any time.


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Thank you for the info.

Also W.I.M ( wheels in motion are good too. Depending where you have to drive from - to.
Done my car a treat. Lowered and spaced the wheels Perfect tracking carried out. Ask for Joe. Their expert…