Suspension - Glasgow area

Hi, I’m thinking of having lowering springs fitted to my 2009 NC. Any recommendations for installers in the Glasgow area? If push comes to shove I can ask my local general garage, but wanted to check with someone more specialist first.


Just my opinion, but in doing so you’d perhaps be well served to consider a Hunter laser alignment check thereafter.
In which case, for an in-house job I can safely recommend ProGrip in Larbert ( FK post code) as John has been serving us well for as long as I can recall.
There’s nowt he does not know about all our marques.

Thanks - they did the alignment a year ago and seemed very good. Just been talking to the usual garage we use for repairs and MOT’s. He is very sceptical about any lowering - says it can be a real problem with less than perfect road surfaces. Will have to do some more research.

Not too keen on upgrading just springs onto ( original?) shocks which are past the sell-by date.
In any case, “coilover” springs & dampers are tuned to work as a harmonic “unit” which would be a big ask from your current 11 years old dampers. They may feel fine…but… suspension wear is an insidious matter…and we tune into it as we go. It’s your call, but I’d be more leaning towards a coil-over solution…if at all. Plenty folk have lowered NCs over the years…as far as I know to no detriment but appear to have enjoyed the enhancements.

Coilovers would be nice, but I can’t think how I would justify the expense to my wife for a car that does less than 3000 miles a year. Springs are just about in the affordable / excusable category.

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Would not make sense really then.

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I’ve now spoken to another garage, who are less sceptical than my usual one. Your comments made me wonder though - is there some easy way to check the health of the existing shock absorbers (I’m assuming they are the originals)?


Don’t know really bar removing them for a closer inspection but my point was it’s not to be expected they will be, if OEM, as fit as they left Hiroshima but to what level…?
If there is no sign of wayward-ness over rough stuff, or mid bend correction antics…I guess…guess only…they are still fit for purpose. How well they would take to controlling new stiff coils…that is the lottery. TBH, I’m no chassis expert at all. Maybe give John at Progrip a call for his opinion as his is bound to be worth more than mine.

Thanks for that. Despite having bought my first car 40 years ago, this is the first car I’ve ever done things to (or thought about it) voluntarily. In the past, it’s been a case of ‘do what needs done, and no more, when it needs done’.