Suspension Topmount I posted this one  Fergy posted this one, it comes from the staging forum ??? 

Hello All, At the top of the suspension on my mk2 there is a rubber doughnut sandwiched between the topmount and washer / fixing nut. I thought of replacing them because they are looking worn and have cracked around the edge. Does anyone know where to get them from and are ploy upgrades available.

Try Mazda; the whole bush assembly for the top mount is only £10 or so.

 I think poly replacements are available from Superflex,
Superpro or Polyflex. Google polyeurathane bushes, might find you the
right company.

An upate for the Forum…

I tried several companies for Poly versions but I could not find any for my mk2.  So I bought a set of 4 OEM parts from MAZDA.  All parts were in stock.

MNC1028775    Upper Bushing       £1.66 ea

MNC1028776    Lower Bushing       £1.66 ea

MNC1028012B  Spring Seat (Top)  £9.35 ea