Sussex Downs and Joint areas meeting Brands Hatch 23rd June 2019.

A joint meeting with all of the South area including Kent, Sussex Downs, East Sussex, West London, South Central, Eastern and Solent for a day out watching the MX5 BARC racing series at Brands Hatch to celebrate the clubs 25th Anniversary.

Meeting at Peas Pottage service on M23 from 8.15 am  for departure at 8.45 am for drive to Brands Hatch 

The Club has arranged for special parking area for all MX5s opposite the pit straight with discounted tickets if pre-purchased. 

It is hoped that a parade lap around the circuit at lunchtime can be agreed with the organisers for the MX5s.  This was done some years ago and was great fun driving around the circuit.

Further details as to meeting location and when tickets are on sale to be provided.  

Tickets can be obtained from   Code for discount usually £12.00 but with discount £10.00 enter MX5OC on the payment screen where indicated 

Hi Chris & Heather,

Thought your members would like to see a list of those booked and joining West London & Kent as at 1st April 2019


West London

Helen & Chris (tickets bought)
Richard & Linda (tickets bought)
Steve & Den (tickets bought)
Paul (Gilazda)
David S 
Peter & Anna (tickets bought)
Sharon & Paul (tickets bought)
Richard M +1 
Vernon+1 (tickets bought)


John & Patricia (Solent) (tickets bought)
Ron and Angela (Solent) (tickets bought)

North Thames

Grim & North Face (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Jonathan & Sallie (North Thames)  
Bob+1 (North Thames)
Rog & Catherine (North Thames)
Michael & Alice +1 (North Thames) 
Richard & Owen (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Cliff & Rosie (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Nick & Noelle (North Thames) (tickets bought)
Rod Atkins +1 (North Thames) (tickets bought)

Sussex Downs

Chris Unsted (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Paul Cleaver (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Paul and Jane (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Brian Elstone (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Richard Penfold (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)
Wendy & Richard (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought) 
Russell & Lesley (Sussex Downs) (tickets bought)


Martin & Wendy (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Andy & Jo (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Brian & Ruth (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Steve & Jill (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Phil & Jen (Eastern) (tickets bought)
Mark & Pam (Eastern) (tickets bought)


Matt & Lesley (Kent) (tickets bought)

Other Areas

Keith W (North West) (ticket bought) 
Ensonricky (ticket bought)


Where do I book ?


Top page now updated with Link and code is MX5OC for the discounted tickets at £10.00


Hi Chris , Sarah and all

Can you kindly add me, Paul & Jane and Richard P to the list.

We have all bought tickets, but the promo code did’nt seem to work - we paid £12 per ticket.

Hopefully we wont be excluded from the Parade Lap.

Many thanks and kindest regards