Sussex Downs visit to Firle Place and MX5 Display Sunday 28th June 2020

Liz is organising this trip with a run from Ashington Services over the Sussex Downs to Firle Place near Lewes.

Firle Place would like to make our visit a feature of the day so are providing us with a display allocated parking area.  Further details to be provided.


So far confirmed 

  1. Chris and Heather
  2. Liz and Chris
  3. Martin and Nicky
  4. David and Gillian
  5. Paul
  6. Joan and Stephen
  7. Jon and Belinda
  8. Nigel and Louise
  9. John and Rose
  10. Paul and Anna
  11. John and Ann
  12. Alan and Pauline
  13. Richard
  14. Brian
  15. Hugh
  16. Dee and Richard
  17. Simon and Rhona 
  18. John and Patricia 

hi Liz and Chris,

Please could you add Patricia and John from the Solent Region.

Can you add Rob and Vicki too please?