Taillight swap NC3.5

Hi folks, i have a question …as i don’t like (never did) the taillights on my NC 3.5 i might like to swap these with the NC (2005-2008) black ones… Would it fit? on the MX5 parts website there’s a mention for NC FL taillights saying they can be fitted to NC 3’s …so would it also work the other way around? I doubt as the shape seems different…Also there seem to be no aftermarket solutions (beside Topmiata ) for the NC. Another option would be to spray/window-film it but that would be a yearly process as it’s a no-go four our yearly technical control (MOT for you guys). .

Hi, there are these from carbonmiata?

I had a similar thing from them on a previous mk1, good quality and certainly different.

Regards mx5Parts, in theory, should fit either way but cannot really say, not having done this myself. Is it the chrome reflector part you have an issue with or the entire light unit? They can be split (carefully) the reflector part painted and then reassembled (an option) I’ve replaced the indicator bulbs with Silvatec chrome ones to get rid of the ‘fried egg’ look of them too! I’m sure someone does (or did) make an overlay piece that just left three circles for the actual bulbs to display, the rest paints body colour IIRC but can’t find anything :thinking:


Thx Barrie, it is indeed the chrome-red combo on these taillights (and the general “relief” shape ) that disturbs me a bit. Good to know the Carbonmiata is good quality, altough it’s not 100% plug n’play as there are different connections from different country’s and as i’m not the most handy person i would have the job done by someone else, beside that i’m not sure it would pas our local MOT…Anyway, my first choice would be the black NC units, would be plug n’play and ok for our MOT , still have to find out if it’s intercheangable but as you mentioned it should work out, just need some confirmation before attempting it. Thanks again for your useable input.

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I have been cheking the differences on body parts for NC and NC3.5…trunk is the same, bumper cover is different which may be an indication that the taillights have a different shape…not meaning it would not fit but maybe some gaps or trimming needed…if that’s the case then it’s a no-go or me.

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It sounds like you are not in the UK?

You would have been welcome to try and fit mine from an 2007 plate car, I’d like the idea of swapping them over, of course only if yours fit my car too.

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Indeed Mick, i live in Belgium (hence my “broken” English…) but thanks anyway for the proposition, keep you informed once i find out more about this …


Did a little search, it seems the mk3.5 lights will fit with a slight gap. What I’ve not established is where the gap would be and if it’s that of a concern.

:ok_hand:Indeed, thats what i tought (as the rear bumpers seem to be different ) a gap is not an option for me so i believe i will give it a try with a tinted film or a spay (eventualy professionaly done on a set of spare taillights ) . Silly cause for the NA and NB there are dozens of possible aftermaket taillights…