Talk Like A Pirate Day - This Sunday !!

This Sunday is :-

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

I expect a few “Aarrr’s” from everybody at Chatsworth.

UUU Aaarrrrrrrr Me Beauty Splice the Mainbrace & Shiver Me Timbers.

Anyone know what the Somali accent sounds like?


Arrgghhhh, us SouthEasterleys had spotted that, in fact Captain Birds Eye heard about it on pirate radio. Look out for a skull and crossbones flying at Chatsworth and some suitable attire at the hotel on Saturday.

Is there a KwikFit accent?

Now that has put a smile on my face on an otherwise tedious Friday. 

Great timing. Normally I pirate it up all day, but this year I’m being paid to give a talk to some nice wealthy people.

To pirate or not to pirate? Hmm…

 My Avast anti virus voice has been suitably updated. There be no plague on my ship!<o:p></o:p>

What you could do would be to dress as a pirate (Complete with a toy parrot on your shoulder) but act totally normal as if you were in a shirt and tie, Just to see if any of them wants to be the first person to comment on your attire. If anyone does comment, Say “Oh, This outfit? Yeah, The washing machine broke last week and it was all I had clean”, Or “No one told me I was meant to be in formal clothing today”. Stick Tongue Out


Like pirate Steve in Dodge Ball?

Yeah, they though of that - the clothes I’m allowed to wear were in the contract.

I bottled out in the end and just spoke normally. I had to keep thinking of the money.



Big Smile I reckon our flags will have to be a regular feature at future events. At least we could find our cars.


 good idea…But only if we all wear fancy dress…& no good to me if i park up in the wrong place…Still will see next time Big Smile

Great pix - well done. I noticed your flags, I got a lot of weird looks when I was wearing my Jack Sparrow hat.

 Its the wigs & high heals i was worried about Big Smile

Told you to take them off while driving.



told sylv the car felt funny…Thats what it was Big Smile

This was my Pirate Hat, and it kept the rain away !

Jack Sparrow I was told.