Tayside May runout

 Anyone visiting Scotland in May are invited to join us on our weekend in May to the Beautifull, Isle of Skye, www.skye.co.uk B % B has been booked but rooms are available at adjoining ones. Dates are Friday 4th May to Monday 7th May.

        Runout on sat/sun, one to the Talisker Distillery www.talisker.co.uk and other to AppleCross,via  Bealach na Ba, Britains only true alpine pass  and Loch Torridon, all welcome, for further information times ect see Mx5scoland forum/events.


Hurrah the council have now reopened the A890 road at Strome Ferry  !! no huge 100 mile detour !! been closed since before Christmas

ps Contact me if you require any further info,                                                                         


C&NW are having a four day run to very much the same places, Hotels all booked, Sixteen cars doing Applecross on the Saturday. Clapping hands in the air  Waving

Are you sure were welcome Ian as im sure their still a little peeved about us coming up and pinching the trophy at the Gathering Angry…looks bloody good polished I admit Dancing

sorry its me scouse humour Big Smile

Seriously though, CNW are looking forward to meeting you guys in May Thumbs up

Big Smile Hi to you both be great to that Ian does have friends !! Lol !! Just mind and pack the trophy so i can steal/borrow it back from for the next “Gathering” whenever that will be LOL !!

 Need to teach how to drive ond bendy roads after your stiny up the motorway lol !! Devil its the devel who made me print it !!


                                      See you in May at the “Green Wellie” maybe !!


Just let me know when and where, i’ll come and steal/borrow another !! Lol Stick Tongue Out

And also at the Spring Rally Thumbs up