Technical Downloads section of website

Hi, I was looking in the Technical Area, for the download the document on “How to change the front springs and dampers on a NA {Mk1}” However, the pdf that downloaded contained information about fitting front lowering springs to a NC. Where can I find the information I want.

But tthere are a few different ways. For the fronts (the rears are easy), I prefer the “long bolt” method.

Many thanks SAZ.
I hope that this will also be corrected on the OC WEB site.

It’s on the Club website, access to downloads is a Club member privilege

Many thanks Bob, I am a club member. Have you tried to download the file?

NM1 should say club member next to it . It’s not visible to me, maybe that is the problem.

Hi Bob and Richard,
I am a club member, and it says so on my screen, I have no problem with downloading the .pdf files, the problem is that the file name is wrong, when looking for the Mk1 front suspension, the file that downloads is for a Mk3. I am just pointing this out so that it can be corrected for other members future reference.

Should be sorted now, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Many thanks for sorting this out. Ive just have a look and all is fine.