Tee shirt

At Gaydon i bought a 20/25  blue with white embroidered tee shirt, and i’m happy with it, but what i didn’t buy was a white with blue embroidered tee shirt.


I’ve been looking in the OC shop and can’t see any (Christmas prezzie to myself) were they a limited edition just for Gaydon?

Yes, limited, drop an email to store at mx5oc.co.uk and enquire directly if any remain… 

Safety Match - as Martin suggests give me a shout by email, they were limited production for only the shows in 2014 and as such I have a handful of polo’s left in only a few sizes.

Ian, do you have a polo shirt in XL. If so , how much and how do I order?

you need to email store at mx5oc.co.uk for stock info etc. but note the Club store is currently closed for the festive period, but you can still place an on-line order.





The store has been busier than ever this December so I have been tied up

If you can email the store email I can speak to you about it further
I have 2 of each left (2x White on Blue and 2x Blue on White)