Test Hill ticket no longer required

My tickets arrived yesterday (many thanks!) including a pass for the Test Hill ascent and risk acknowledgement form.

As my car is now possibly going to be involved in a small display of track oriented MX5s I won’t be able to move the car away from the display so I’m wondering what the etiquette is for recycling my Test Hill pass, car park ticket & form?





Hi Steve,

I would be happy to buy the ticket from you.

John Kinloch


Correct thing would be return it as I think there is a reserve list



I have put John on to this post as all who were waiting has as far as I know managed to get the tickets that were returned

this is the fastest for them to sort this between them now as I have shut down the ticket admin for the event now.

but a valid concern



Apologies John.

I received a PM a couple of days ago from an OC member requesting to buy my ticket and I have now sent it to him. I hadn’t had a response from anybody else at the time so thought it best to do so.


PS I’m sure there’ll be other tickets up for grabs on the day, especially when the owners of lowered '5s see the test hill.