Test Pic

Well that didn’t work!!

Hi Toots,

Posting pictures can be a bit of a struggle to get your head around in the beginning, but once you’ve sussed the basic premise, it is not really the ‘black art’ that it originally appears.

I’m sure there will be loads of members giving you advice this evening, but if you want some assistance, just ask.

Chris Phillips.


Its simple, host them in Photobucket and then copy and paste the img code in your post.

Never used photbucket. is it an easy thing to set up or will I need to set up an account with them?
Is there an easier method?



If you want to use Photobucket, I expect you’ll need to register an account.  However, any web site that carries pictures will do as a host site - I use the one that I have for my business, and that works fine. 

Yes, you need to sign up, but it takes just a few minutes.