have i done it correctly

 Dunno, what were you trying to do to it?Thinking

Dr. EunosGeek

Was just trying to find out how to do things.

 How do you post a pic in your sig. and what exactly is the bio?

 These things of which you ask are some of the most mysterious and difficult tasks anyone can tackle on the forum, and simply beyond me, no doubt someone brainy will be along soon to explain how to achieve such luxuries…Wink


Dr. EunosGeek 

 Thanks Taff


To insert a pic in your sig, simply put the image code [from something like Photo Bucket] into the text block in your sig. Bear in mind the max picture rule for signatures, 400 x 80 pixels

The bio is whatever you want it to be, about you, your car etc etc

 Thanks Geoff,

I thought thats what you would do and I tried yesterday. Obviously I got something wrong. Will try again.


Sorted but too big

So willl remove